Monday, June 15, 2009

Fringe Family Fun Show

The Comedy Illusions of Greg Wood & Oonaugh will be a part of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival for the fourth straight year. After another very successful run last year, Greg is once again presenting a family friendly Fringe option. Designed to entertain the whole family with sleight of hand, illusion, comedy, and audience participation, this presentation will leave everyone smiling. A full hour of fabulous family fun; this show is forecasted to be a family favourite. Find us on the First Floor of the Argue Building – Venue 15.

If you're looking to take the kids to a family-friendly, eye-catching show, look no further. But, the charm of this ever-so-well-done 60-minute magic act is not in how flawlessly coins appear and disappear from behind kids' ears nor how the string that is cut into a dozen little pieces always comes back together again, it is that the entire family can sit and enjoy the performance together; and ‘ta-da!’ that, ladies and gentlemen, is what families are looking for in a good Kids Fringe show.
CBC Review

This is a jolly one-hour magic show, filled with clever hocus-pocus, cornball humour and truly awful puns (which are the best kind).

Polished and professional, Wood has a delightful rapport with his audience and keeps the crowd laughing and smiling right to the end.
Winnipeg Free Press

Show Dates & Times

Thur July 14 - 1:15pm
Fri July 15 - 1:15pm
Mon July 18 - 1:15pm
Tue July 19 - 1:15pm
Wed July 20 - 1:15pm
Thur July 21 - 1:15pm
Fri July 22 - 7:00pm